Star Tile started as a longing for asymmetrical and dimensional ceramic tile, based on years of not finding exactly what we were looking for.  We used an architectural approach – using 3d modeling software, then 3d printing the positives, which were then cast in plaster.  All tiles are formed, sanded and glazed by hand.  The material is Stoneware which is fired to Cone 5/6. 

The series started with fractal geometries laid across squares and then hexagons.  The line was expanded to include kite shapes (Aquilone) and pairs of pentagons.  Star Tile can made custom tile whether debossed, embossed or simply custom mosaic shapes and glazes.  Los Angeles has a long-standing history of tile manufacturing, and the intent was to continue that great tradition, and leading the design effort as we head in to the 21st century.

Star Tile took the leap from idea to separate company in 2016. The company has a social mission, manufacturing locally and hiring from our community. ST offers bilingual job training, and prioritizes hiring immigrants, students, and mothers.  The clay is locally sourced, and products are non-toxic, sustainable and food safe.  website:  IG:

Our glazes are fired to an extremely high temperature and composed of natural minerals, which gives the line an earthy, natural look.  Many glazes have two tones, with contrasting shades that highlight the dimensional elements.