The house was conceived as a single volume that is interrupted by a void, which is fully glazed and contains a stair and small outdoor court.  The void divides the house into front and back, leaving an open center.  Many of the steel doors disappear into wall pockets, turning the house into a summer pavilion.

The effect is one of great openness and connection, from each room to the others, but also to the adjacent exterior spaces.  Outside windows were pushed into the volume, creating deep overhangs for shade or outdoor seating.  The house has planters on all levels, and the palette is limited to white, gray, black and wood tones. 

In an effort to further break the square mass, the upper floor is at 2 different heights, giving the public rooms at the rear of the house higher ceilings, and the master bedroom a better view of the Hollywood Hills.

The house has a full basement including a guest suite, gym and screening room, and the rear yard has a pool, fountain and spa.  Construction was completed in 2019.