NAPA, CA – 2021

It isn’t enough to merely worry about climate change.  We need to be implementing climate resilience strategies, working with truly sustainable materials, and collecting water for food production. We are very excited to be working on new building types and will soon debut a series of single-family and duplex round courtyard house designs.

This house is on a site that has burned twice in the last two years.  The exterior walls are made of rammed SIREwall – the lowest embodied energy of any structural material.  Rammed earth is staggeringly beautiful, and combined with concrete decks, makes a fireproof structure with superior energy performance.

The house is for a family, with a separate suite for grandparents and a standalone home office.  The second floor deck contains the primary kitchen garden, and the two roof levels collect over 85,000 gallons per year, all of which goes towards household use.

The center of the home contains a lap pool, communal fireplace and a shade tree.  The house also features a double-height art studio with a full wall of windows facing North. 

We are working on a series of rammed earth structures using SIREwall, an extraordinary construction system that is disruptive, regenerative, and is based in the ideology of a deeply green future. 

For more information on their wall system and projects, click here.  Examples pictured below.