Our furniture design project for small spaces was featured on the cover of Ready Made magazine in 2017. 

The idea was to create a set of chairs/stools which can double as wall art, providing seating only when needed.  We prototyped the chairs ourselves, experimenting with dimensions, construction and leg types. 

As Architects, we are dedicated builders and love DIY.  People who can create their own furniture, clothing and home goods are very empowered, and it forges a strong connection between Occupant and Environment.  All of our work at AKA is about creating meaning, and providing project framework which may be used / interpreted by others is on mission – we hope to help create a world where every structure and space is filled with connection and stories. 

Anything flat could be turned into art – imagine this project as a table and chairs, work desk, or additional project bench.


The graphic design potential is infinite – the tops could be parts of a larger photograph, graphic print or map.  We experimented with constructivist posters / El Lissitzky.

For the issue release party, Andrea Keller was invited to speak about current projects.