Marlborough School was seeking to update their library, keeping most of the books while expanding the notion of library to include places of rest, group work, a tech help center, performance/flex space, as well as solitary study and testing.

The starting point for this project was that no object in the space could have only one purpose – everything was to be flexible, variable, and open to allow for future programmatic change.  Things were purposefully used in the “wrong” way – with round stacks, garage doors opening the opposite direction, and flexible furnishings which could accommodate a variety of configurations and event types. 

A new media lab with glass walls allows students to witness the act of content creation.  The space also includes a traditional library area, with green glass banker’s lights, long tables and Windsor chairs.  We are happy to report that the Academic Resource Center became the hub of the school’s activities.

Below are two images of the space from before the remodel.

The decision to create round, place-making stacks came from observing the girls making temporarily groupings of furniture in the existing books.