LOS ANGELES, CA – in progress, 2020

The project located at the intersection of Grand Avenue and the 101 freeway, a site which is a gateway to Downtown LA.  The tower will consist of 377 residential units, including affordable housing for seniors.  The base of the tower holds the parking, retail and office space, and tenant amenities including view decks, pool and dog park.  This building will provide much-needed senior housing in close walking distance to the city center.

The tower is passively cooled, with air entering on the southwest facade and flowing through the central atria and out the opposing side.  The atrium is comprised of two hexagons, which are split and stacked in six-floor groupings.  The goal was to create a clear and easy means of circulation to the units, free of long straight hallways and uniform doors, for a greater sense of place and belonging.  The interior spaces are dynamic and create amenity and view decks on multiple levels.

Solar shading is used extensively to limit UV exposure on the South and West sides.  The building will have an exoskeleton at the corners which accentuates the twisting geometry of the tower, while providing lateral stability for seismic forces.  Apartments are mostly 1- and 2- bedrooms, with a small number of 3-bedroom units.