For the Love of a Glove is a musical satire about the Jackson 5 and Michael Jackson’s early career.  Written and directed by Julien Nitzberg, it has a different take on the story, involving aliens, villainous Osmonds, the KKK, cultural appropriation and religious homophobia.  The show opened in January 2020 and was just extended when Covid-19 shut the theaters. Show will hopefully be re-opening when quarantine is lifted. 

Andrea Keller of AKA did the production design for the show.  Inspired by paper theater and Punch & Judy shows of the early 20th century, the set is conceived of as a series of flat elements, making the play itself a puppet show within a puppet show.  It’s as if an amateur troupe set up a show on the grounds of neverland.  

Most of the set pieces are in shades of neutral gray, specifically to carry the stage lighting and frame the story.  Only the puppet theatre is in color.  All props for the set were in 2d as well – the only thing 3d were the puppets and actors.

The music is by Coco Morier, Drew Erickson and Max Townsley.  Puppets by Robin Walsh, costumes by Anne Closs-Farley, lighting design by Derrick McDaniel.