Our first idea for this house was one of cascading eaves, with only a single story in the front and rising mass towards the rear of the property.  The rooflines are exaggeraged, with deep overhangs and a textured fascia material.

The carport is defined by steel frames, matching the dark bronze finish of windows and building trim.  We later added a wood screen system to all openings, to provide varying amounts of privacy and shade.

The house is no longer a rectangle, but a collection of volumes which meet in a central hall.  There are two large outdoor spaces which interrupt the building mass, one of which goes down a floor to provide basement illumination.

Every bedroom has a private balcony or patio and private bath.  Construction will be completed in 2020.

When we are working with a mid-city site, we often try to break up the building mass into smaller geometries, to create relationships between the elements, avoiding the appearance of a “box”. 

We seek to create small-scale visual interest in our contemporary work, especially in neighborhoods that also have traditional homes.  This can be done with fascia, window and door trim, landscape elements and facade texture.