This project is in a neighborhood with small-scale single family dwellings, so we created the massing as a stack which is highest in the rear, steps down in the center of the site reduces to only a single room in the front.  The projection of the eaves is meant to echo the eaves of neighboring houses.

Within the house we hoped to create a sense of openness inside the fragmented mass.  Most rooms open up to one another, and there is a 3 story glass stair against an atrium, connecting basement to ground and second floors.  The atrium brings light into the center of the home as well as down to the basement level. Though the house looks small, it is over 5,200 SF, and most ceilings are over 10 feet tall.

The house is no longer a rectangle, but a collection of volumes which meet in a central hall.  There are two large outdoor spaces which interrupt the building mass, one of which goes down a floor to provide basement illumination.

Every bedroom has a private balcony or patio and private bath.  Construction was completed in 2020.